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Each journal created at acurio bookbinding arts is unique. A variety of quality materials and solid skin leathers are used, all of the highest grade. No bonded leather, faux leather, or PU (PolySynthetic) materials are ever used. Natural quality leather hides are the most durable and beautiful materials available for an enduring journal that will withstand daily use.

Choose from the finest soft hides to thick hides to short-pile-fur that are velvety soft to the touch.

An assortment of papers are used for end sheet designs. Mary Ellen personally designs and creates papers in-house at bookbinding arts. Papers from other countries are occasionally selected to specifically coordinate with, and compliment, the leather that is used on the cover.

The journal’s text blocks (bound pages) are imported from Italy and are in the classic style,
made of the highest quality arrival papers. acurio bookbinding arts completes the work to make
these lovely Journals unique. Each contains either blank or lined pages and comes in three
sizes. Also available are date books and travel journals.

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